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  1. Is a diagnosis required to receive consultation services? - No. Insurance payment is not accepted, which negates the need for a formal diagnosis.

2. Do I need to be located in Georgia to receive assistance? - No. I work with clients throughout the US, as well in various countries utilizing Telehealth or on-site visits.

3. What age range of clients do you serve? - My primary competency is with school-age children and below (roughly ages 2-10).

4. Do you provide services to other professionals as well? - Yes. I provide supervision, mentoring, case collaboration/troubleshooting, and general consultation to other BCBAs, RBTs, SLPs, Psychologists, educators, etc.

5. Can your trainings be customized for school settings? - Yes. I have provided professional development trainings for schools, as well as brief ABA Workshops for educators.

6. I need a specialized resource for my ABA clinic or business, is this a service you provide? - Yes. I sell a variety of books, manuals, and resources, but I also do take customized requests.

7. What is Parent-Led ABA? - ABA therapy is typically provided via a tiered service delivery model, where instructors work 1:1 with the client and are overseen by a BCBA. Many rural or international locations do not have access to ABA providers or companies. For those families, it may be more practical for parents to learn to work directly with their own child.

8. I cannot afford your consultation services, but need help for my child. Do you have a sliding fee schedule? - I do not have a sliding fee schedule; however, I offer many FREE resources for families in this scenario. I suggest visiting my blog ( to access hundreds of articles and materials to help with toileting, feeding, aggression, social skills, transition into school, and much more!

9. I also want to launch an ABA website/create a business/go into private practice, but I don't know where to begin. Can I schedule a business consultation with you, or pick your brain? - I do not offer business consulting, and recommend you speak with a clinician-owner in your local area, or possibly consult with an attorney. I offer clinical consulting only. BUT, I do have a free resource for starting an ABA practice. Just drop me an email and I will send that to you.

10. Are there specific situations or clients that would NOT be a good fit for Telehealth consultation? - Yes. If your child exhibits severe aggression or violence, if the caregiver is not proficient using technology, or if the caregiver is unable or unwilling to work directly with their own child, then Telehealth ABA services likely won't be ideal. I recommend you research ABA options in your local area.

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