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Family Training Services

I offer a variety of options for parents & caregivers to learn more about Behavior Analysis, implement Parent-Led ABA services, and address challenges or highly concerning behavior problems.  Which option below would work best for your family?

Introduction to ABA- Schedule a general consult to ask specific questions about your child, Request a live Webinar event on an ABA topic, or Request a Functional Behavior Assessment for help with challenging problem behaviors (recommended for beginners)

Expand your Knowledge - Request a customized intensive ABA Workshop or Training, Request 1:1 Parent Coaching sessions (90-minute sessions), Evaluation/Troubleshooting of a current ABA program

Intensive Clinical Support- Request ongoing oversight of an in-home ABA program or a Parent-Led ABA program, Request an individualized ABA curriculum, Formal set-up of an in-home program including on-site training, coaching, assessment, and development of an ABA treatment plan (most advanced option)

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