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Consultation Services:

If you don't see your specific need listed, please contact me to discuss. General consultation services are provided at a flat hourly rate, depending upon the details of the request. Specific training & coaching requests are priced based on the training duration, and number of attendees. Insurance payment is not accepted.

  • General Behavioral Consultation/Clinical Case Review/Clinical Content Creation 

  • Professional Mentoring services (application process required)

  • Individualized Skill Acquisition Programming

  • Social Skills Training/ Social Groups Programming

  • Community Involvement & Community Participation Intervention

  • Intensive Toilet Training

  • School/Homeschooling/Online Schooling Consultation

  • Attend IEP Meeting or School Conference

  • Video Coaching & Training/Teletherapy sessions

  • Learning Readiness Programs/Early Intervention

  • Intensive Parent Workshops/ Parent Coaching & Training

  • Book Speaking Events/Q & A Sessions/Book Lectures

  • Professional ABA Training for Schools and Organizations

  • Integration in a Church or Religious Program, Special Needs Ministry Training

  • Public Speaking: Conferences, Workshops, Community Training Events

  • Functional Behavior Assessments

  • IEP Review/Behavior Plan Review

  • Behavioral Skill Assessments (diagnostic evaluations not offered)

  • ABA Program Evaluation & Troubleshooting