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Webinars, Articles, & Podcast Interviews

Relias: 'Cultural Competence in ABA', 'Interventions for Wandering for Those with ASD'

Cite Pro: 'Defining Your Clinical Identity'

Dr. Mary Barbera podcast: 'Good ABA Therapy'

The Autism Helper: 'Episode 40- Myth Busters'

Shifting Perspectives: 'Episode 19- Take Off the Cape'

Language Builder ARIS Curriculum, Curriculum Contributor

Different Roads to Learning: 'Normalization', 'Simplifying the Morning Routine'

Two Sides of the Coin: 'Episode 2- Clinical Practice & The Business of Therapy' 'How to Know if You're Getting Good ABA'

ABA Inside Track: 'Episode 160- Incorporating Unique Interests'

Presenter: Social Justice for Students Conference

Presenter: Autism Challenges & Solutions Conference

Keynote Presenter: Trauma & Behavior Change in Schools Conference 

Podcasts/Clinical Content: Text
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